Bella Ramsey says she wore chest binder during "90" of The Last of Us filming

Written by Kai Young


Posted on March 02 2023

Bella Ramsey, who plays Ellie on The Last of Us, wore a chest binder to feel more “focused” while on the set of the hit HBO show 📺

(➡️This past January, Ramsey came out as non-binary and uses all pronouns — “my gender has always been very fluid” — but CHOSE to use she/her pronouns in this particular article.)


In a recent interview with GQ, English actor @bellaramsey said she used a chest binder during “90%” of the shooting of The Last of Us. “Which probably isn’t healthy, like please bind safely,” she added.

According to Ramsey, binding helped her feel more “focused” while on the set of the HBO series.

Ramsey also mentioned that her Last of Us co-star Pedro Pascal has been “super supportive” of her. And that the two former Game of Throne actors often shared conversations about gender and sexuality. Pascal, who plays the role of Joel, has a sister who is trans.

[NOTE: In addition to obtaining the correct binder size, gc2b strongly recommends that folks do *not* bind for longer than 8-10 hours a day. We also encourage taking days off and stretching when possible, because compression garments naturally put stress on the body.]

Although Ramsey doesn’t identify as a woman, she told GQ that she’s definitely down to portray “feminine characters” on the screen. The 19-year-old said it’s “really fun” because it gives her the opportunity “to be something so opposite to myself.”

@thelastofus airs Sunday night on @hbo; it’s based on an action video game of the same name.


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