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Size: 3 inch

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2b Tape is made from 95% cotton with 5% spandex. Our adhesive is made of a latex free acrylic. 

2b Tape comes in three sizes; 6 inches, 5 inches, and 3 inches in width. 

A full roll measures to 5 meters in length; with a variety of five (5) nude tones as well as Black.

We advise individuals to test 2b Tape on a small patch of skin to ensure your skin stays safe and comfortable, and to test for any potential allergic reaction. 

2b Tape is waterproof, sweat proof and can be worn for physical activity, during showers, swimming and sleep; recommended wear is 1-5 days (depending on the comfort of your body while binding).

A free pair of satin nipple shields will be included with every purchase of 2b Tape.

2B Tape is intended to be a binding alternative. We do not recommend wearing tape in conjunction with a binder. 

*2b Tape and nipple shields are not eligible for exchange or return once they have been removed from their original packaging.

We suggest visiting our Help Desk for more information and application instructions.