Group shot of 5 beautiful individuals modeling each tone of 2b Nude binders.

2b Nude

The 'Nude' color collection features our Half and Tank binders in 5 different 'Nude' options. 
ftm chest binders black full tank top gc2b binder

2b Originals

The 'gc2b Originals' collection features our binders in the original three colors: black, white, and gray.
gc2b Tie-dye Summer Pride Binders

2b Proud

Show your pride with our 2b Proud collection!
Two models in red half binders hold one another.


The 'RGBP' color collection features our binders in Red, Blue, Olive Green, and Purple. Pin Collection Pin Collection

Our first-ever line of collector's pins! Purchases benefit the binder fundraising efforts, which provide new, life-affirming binders to those...