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Size: XS

Color: Black

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Check out the latest addition to our 2b Luxe collection! 

Created in response to feedback from our customers, our goal was to increase comfort without sacrificing the effective binding experience expected from a gc2b binder. 2b Luxe is a decadence you deserve!

The 2b Luxe chest binder retains the beloved design you've come to know and trust, now featuring an inner panel made of 100% brushed twill fabric that's soft to the touch and includes the same durability stitch as our Classic 2.0 binder.

Brushed twill is a type of fabric that is characterized by its texture and finish. It is typically made from cotton or a cotton-blend fabric. The term "brushed" refers to the finishing process where the fabric is brushed to create a soft surface. Brushed twill is prized for its combination of comfort, durability, and a pleasant feel.

PLEASE NOTE: This exciting new feature maintains the same overall structure, fit, size, and compression level that you've grown accustomed to with our Classic 2.0 binders with a softer, smoother, more comfortable feel. Our sizing chart is exclusive to our binders and may not correlate with your standard shirt size.

NOTE: The new feature does not change the overall structure, fit, size, or compression level that you may have become accustomed to with our Classic binders.


Our patented design uses a double-layered compressional panel made with a nylon spandex blend and cotton for extra flattening effect.

Open, Y-shaped back allows for greater range of motion, making it easier to pull on and off. Slimmer straps, which are reinforced with elastic, secure a discreet, low-profile look.

Because each body is unique, we recommend getting sized by one of our Customer Care Team members before making a binder purchase. 

Contact them by email support@gc2b.co or via our Live Chat website feature. You can also size yourself by following these instructions