This Pride season, gc2b invites you to The Oasis, a lush retreat full of love, community, and chosen family. It is where, despite the harsh surrounding landscape, we are nourished and made to feel safe. In The Oasis we are able to THRIVE and BLOOM into our full selves!

Our Pride 2022 capsule collection includes binders in exclusive all-over Trans, Pansexual, Non-Binary, and Rainbow patterns! We also now carry canvas sneakers and shorts in these same designs! The various plant patterns are powerful reminders that even amidst a daunting time for us LGBTQ+ folks, we still manage to find ways to grow and go on.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit SMYAL in Washington, DC, JASMYN in Florida, and Thrive in Texas. These organizations are dedicated to uplifting LGBTQ+ youth — because they need us now more than ever.

We hope that no matter where you are in life you find your Oasis. Maybe this is in the quiet places of your inner sanctuary; among people who nurture you; or with the global community of beings who share the unique expression and experience of being queer. And whether your blossom is a fresh bud, or towers in the canopy, we at gc2b see and celebrate you. You are worthy.


To celebrate this Pride capsule collection, we also asked some of our friends and colleagues to tell us about their personal Oasis and to curate a mix that best represents it! Check out Oasis videos and playlists from Vico Ortiz, August Rocha, and more in our Instagram Highlights under "Pride 2022". 

Additionally, we've launched a special audiovisual series called "We're Worthy of an Oasis". This 10-week project highlights each of our 10 Oasis binder models and their unapologetic stories about queerness.

Part 1: Lake (he/him)
Part 2: 
Tẹmídayọ (they/them)
Part 3: Carmen (they/them)
Part 4: Corbin (they/them)
Part 5: Steph (they/them)
Part 6: Oz (he/him)
Part 7: Iman (he/him)