We are proud 2b Family! 

Pride month 2017: The Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs in Philadelphia unveils a new Pride flag,  sporting a brown stripe and a black stripe. The “More Color More Pride” flag is a symbol that centers and affirms the narratives, historical legacy, and humanity of LGBT people of color. This design reflects the historical call to action in the fight against racism, anti-Blackness, and prejudice globally present within our community and in society at large.

This year, we at gc2b decided to redesign and reprise our rainbow binder to reflect the “More Color More Pride” flag. This choice goes further than representing our values as a company; we find it personally meaningful, as it also represents many of us working here. We are elated to celebrate our ancestral legacy. The bold flag design has sparked and sustained imperative conversation and action seeking to dismantle prejudice within the LGBTQIA+ community, advancing liberation.


Questions? Email our amazing Care team at Support@gc2b.info ! We are always here to help!

Stay safe! Stay proud! Stay unapologetically you!


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